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Stem cell

1. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment

MSC is an important member of Stem cell family, which comes from the early development of mesoderm and epiblast progenitors. MSC was First discovered in the bone marrow, and increasingly got attention by people because of its multiplex differentiation potential, hematopoiesis support and the promotion of stem cell implant, immune regulation and self-replication etc. For example, in the body or in vitro induction of specific conditions, MSC will differentiate for fat, bone, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, neural, liver, heart muscle, endothelial cells and other kinds of organs. It also has the multiplex differentiation potential after continuous generation training and cryopreservation, therefore, MSC can be used as the ideal seed cells for the repairing of organ or tissue damage caused by aging and lesions. 

2. Clinical Application

MSC is now clinical applied in solving a variety of problems such as the blood system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, liver cirrhosis, diseases of the nervous system, knee meniscus resection injury repair, and is also made a major breakthrough in autoimmune diseases. In addition, MSC  has long-term developmental prospects in the repair of nervous system etc. 

MSC is a research branch of stem cells, which have the ability of self-replication and multiplex differentiation. They can continue to update, and change into one or more kinds of cells to component human body tissue or organ in particular conditions. Stem cells are the origin cells of the body, and also the ancestor cells to form human tissue organ. 

Clinical Applications:
1, MSC transplantation in the treatment of diabetes 
2, MSC transplantation in the treatment of decompensated cirrhosis period 
3, MSC transplantation in the treatment of multiple sclerosis 
4, MSC transplantation in the treatment of ischemic heart disease 
5, MSC transplantation in the treatment of sle 
6, MSC transplantation in the treatment of liver fibrosis 
7, MSC transplantation as gene carrier 
8, MSC transplantation in the treatment of tissue damage fixing

3. International Development

The clinical research of MSC has been conducted in many countries, and the United States has approved more than 40 clinical trials. As MSC and its related techniques become more mature, China has also approved many clinical trials, and stepped on the stage of MSC technology research and development. At present, our China has made great efforts to strengthen the stem cell research work. National Engineering of cellular products Research Center, many authoritative research institutions, and the local umbilical cord blood Banks have brought research technology into clinicals. Being used in the treatment of more than 10 kinds of refractory diseases, in addition to promote hematopoietic recovery, and of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation to improve leukemia and refractory anemia, MSC was also used in disease of heart head blood-vessel, liver cirrhosis, bone and muscle recession sexual diseases, brain and spinal cord injury, dementia and lupus erythematosus and scleroderma, and other clinical trial results of autoimmune disease treatment research are extremely encouraging. 

So far, the research shows that Umbilical Cord MSC will not only be bone marrow of MSC ideal alternative, but also have greater application potential. Umbilical Cord MSC expresses a variety of embryonic stem cells of the special molecular mark, with the characteristics such as differentiation potential, proliferation capacity, immunogenicity low, drawing convenient, no moral restrictions, easy to industrialization preparation, therefore may be the most biggest clinical application of stem cells. 

4. Tumor Biological Treatment

Tumor biological therapy is a new type of autoimmune cancer treatment with remarkable curative effect cancer treatment model. It uses the biotechnology and biological agents to treat patients' body beginning from the acquisition of the immune cells in vitro culture and delivering back to the patient’s body after enlarging to motivate the body's own immune function, so as to achieve the purpose of cancer therapy. Tumor biological therapy is the fourth largest cancer treatment technology following the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

5. Tumor Biological Treatment Principle

Cancer immunotherapy is using molecular biology technology and cell engineering technology, to improve the cancer immunogenicity, supply sufficient number of function normal immune cells and related molecules, stimulate and increase the body antineoplastic immune response, and improve the sensitivity to the body's resistance to cancer immune effects, induce specificity and variety of peculiar smell cellular and molecular effect in and out of the body, finally achieve the purpose of clearing cancer.

The function of cancer biological therapy is not to kill all cancer cells, but when cancer cells load reduced significantly, and the body's immune function recovers, the clearing of the residual lesions or tiny greatly restrain cancer cell proliferation will achieve the purpose of cancer treatment. Cancer immunotherapy mobilizes the body's own immune system of cancer cells to exterminate and restrain the proliferation through manual intervention. The experiments and clinical trials strongly suggest that the body's immune system can clear the role of cancer, and in the primary cancer surgery to remove or the sword minimally invasive surgery such as argon fluorine melting away after local cancer, with immune therapy can kill the rest of the cancer cells, eliminate the factors recurrence and metastasis, increase the possibility of cure, extend the survival time and improve the quality of life. 

At present, cancer is regarded as the fourth treatment biological therapy after surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Biological therapy includes cell factor treatment, immune cells therapy, gene therapy, molecular target therapy and antibody treatment, etc.

6. Advantage

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, joint biological immune therapy, can precise residual tumor cells to remove the recurrence, prevent the transfer, improve survival quality and time.

1) Recover the immune injury caused by operation, and improve the successful rate of operation. 
2) Clear the residual cancerous cells after operation, prevent transfer and recurrence. 
3) Reduce the immunosuppression role of chemotherapy drugs. 
4) Strengthen the tolerability of radiation and chemotherapy, reduce the harmful side effects. 
5) Reduce pain and improve the patient's quality of life. 

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